Utility & Billing Services

Utility Services:

The Town of Marshville currently provides water, sewer, garbage, and recycling services for our residents.

Garbage/Recycling pickup is contracted out through Waste Pro.

To report any issues regarding garbage or recycling pickup please contact Waste Pro

For any more information regarding garbage or recycling pickup please refer to our garbage/recycling section

Waste Pro Phone Number: (980) 255-3800

To set up utility service, please call and make an appointment. Please download and fill out the utility application and bring it in along with your driver's license or state-issued ID (must be current), and your Social Security Card. If renting, you must bring a copy of your rental or lease agreement and pay a $150.00 deposit before services can be connected. If you are the property owner, you must provide proof of ownership, such as a deed or closing statement. No deposit will be required for property owners with satisfactory proof of ownership. Customers should remember to request utilities be disconnected and have their account closed when moving out of a residence to avoid unnecessary monthly charges.

To report issues regarding water or sewer service during Town Hall business hours please call (704) 624-2515.

To report water or sewer issues after business hours, please contact the Union County Sheriff's Office at (704) 289-1591.

Billing Services:

For any billing-related questions contact the Utility Billing Clerk - Shavone Hubbard.

Utility Billing Clerk - Shavone Hubbard
Email - [email protected]
Phone - (704) 624-2515 Ext. 1