About Marshville

Welcome to the official website of the Town of Marshville, North Carolina. 

We are a quintessential small, and warm southern town that offers a great place to live and grow your family in we are located in Union county outside of the Charlotte metropolitan area. Our municipality of just under 3,000 people has a small-town atmosphere within reach of big-city amenities as we are only 10 miles from the city of Monroe, NC, and about 35 miles from the bigger metropolitan city of Charlotte, NC via Highway 74 or the new Monroe Expressway.

Also, by virtue of our location, we are only about 3 hours from either the Appalachian mountains to the west or the wonderful beaches of North Carolina to the east because of this there are plenty of vacation options located not too far from our town.

Employment opportunities in and around Marshville can offer you a variety of choices within a diverse economic environment. These include but are not limited to agriculture, industrial, retail, agritourism, small business, high tech, as well as the second-largest banking center in the United States that is Charlotte. We invite you to visit our town and discover what Marshville can offer to you.

Some interesting famous residents from Marshville include long time country music legend, Randy Travis.