Statement from the Interim Public Works Director Matt Tarlton on the Marshville Water tower

Water tower

Sometime during the late '60s, the water tower was erected, with a standard manual booster pump. Therefore, we look at the gauges for the water pressure daily and decide what time to turn the booster pump off. Because the pump is manual, it is a guessing game to determine when to cut it off. If we cut it off too soon, the customers won't have good water pressure, so we try to fill it to capacity. If we don't cut the pump off in time, the tank will overflow by design. Otherwise, the system will over-pressurize and blow the lines. The town is building a new booster facility that will have an upgraded system. The upgraded system will automatically equalize the pressure and eliminate these problems. We hope to have this online as soon as possible, but there are many steps in the process. Thank you for your concern about the water overflowing, but that is a safety measure to protect the system. The alternative would be to reduce water pressure for all customers.